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Watering Tips To Maintain A Happy, Healthy Lawn

October 18, 2021 - Lawn Care

Water is your lawn’s most essential component. Like all life on the planet, without water, your lawn is doomed. Your lawn gets all its nutrients from the water you give it, and the specific amount of water you give your lawn can make the difference between beautiful and barren. Sometimes natural rainfall is enough, but sometimes you need to give it a little help.

As an Ellsworth homeowner, while your lawn is probably covered in snow all winter, having the proper knowledge base in place can help you make sure it comes out thriving in the spring and summer. Your local lawn care professionals are here to help! Here are some key tips to keep in mind when watering your lawn once the snow clears up.

Use The Right Amount

Keeping your yard healthy with proper lawn irrigation techniques is crucial. A healthy lawn receives about one inch of water per week. This amount is enough to moisten the top 6-8 inches of the underlying soil, allowing for grass to maintain a healthy root system. You can use this knowledge to gradually improve the health of the grass on your lawn by measuring the amount of water left standing after each watering.

The Screwdriver Test

A good way to check the amount of water you’re giving the topsoil is called the “Screwdriver Test.” Using this method, you take a typical 6-8 inch screwdriver and attempt to penetrate the soil down to the handle. The screwdriver should slide easily into the soil, so if it doesn’t, increase the time you’re watering the lawn.

The Tuna Can Test

Another method that can be used to gauge your sprinkler’s output is called the “Tuna Can Test.” Using this method, you set an empty tuna can out in your yard within the range of your sprinklers, and set a timer as you let them run. Mark the time when the tuna can got filled: this generally corresponds to 1” of water being applied to the parts of the lawn under your sprinkler’s coverage.

Don’t Water Before It’s Wilting

The amount of water your lawn needs is determined by the season, but that’s especially true here in Ellsworth. Natural rainwater will make up much of its needs in spring and summer, so it’s best not to water the lawn at all until you start seeing the grass dulling in color or beginning to wilt.

When To Water

If you need to water your lawn, try to do so either in the early morning or late afternoon. The morning is the best time because the cooler temperatures give the water time to soak into the soil instead of being quickly evaporated in the higher heat of noon and afternoon.

While watering late in the afternoon or at night achieves a similar effect, it also gives the water a little too much time to sit on your lawn - allowing fungi development and other unwanted side effects in the process.

Call The Lawn Care Professionals For Help

Ultimately, the best way to create a happy, healthy lawn is with the help of trusted professionals by your side. A professional will know not only the different elements affecting your lawn, but also have access to the correct tools and equipment to treat the problem head-on and give the lawn exactly what it needs to look beautiful.

Whether you need to repair the damaged grass on your lawn or just want help ensuring your lawn continues to stay healthy and inviting for years to come, call the Ellsworth lawn care professionals at Katahdin Lawn Care here in Ellsworth for help. As a locally-owned and operated lawn care company, we know exactly what your lawn faces every day and we can help cultivate and maintain it so that it’s protected for tomorrow.

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